Providing a friendly phone call or medication reminder to lonely or isolated seniors
To request this service call: 
What is Friendly Visiting
  • CANES staff will make regular scheduled phone calls to isolated seniors who may be living on their own, and are in need of some social stimulation.
  • Seniors can request a friendly visiting phone schedule at anytime.
Who can use this service: 
  • If requested, CANES will add clients to the friendly visiting call list, where they’ll be called on a regular schedule to engage in conversation with our staff. 
  • Caregivers and family members are encouraged to refer to this service wherever they encounter socially isolated seniors.
How this service works: 

Medication Reminders:

Clients may also request that our staff remind them of any medications they have to take throughout the week or even to notify them of any medical appointments they may have.

**This is a friendly telephone call visit/check-in service only.  People will not come to the client's home directly.**

Please call 416-743-3892