CANES’ Privacy Statement:

Your privacy and the protection of your personal information are very important to CANES Community Care. We value your trust and therefore we will meet all legal obligations as they apply to the protection of your privacy.

The information you give us enables us to provide you with our services, keep you updated on our programs, our special fundraising endeavours, our volunteer opportunities etc. We do not sell nor trade our mailing lists.

For further information or to report a complaint about privacy, please contact CANES Privacy Officer, Mike Valkama, Chief Operating Officer, 416-743-3892 Ext. 241

or email our Privacy Officer at:


If you would like to form a Complaint or Concern:

Client Complaints,
CANES encourages members of the community to provide feedback about our organization, including complaints and compliments.  We will use this information to improve our services.
The Complaint and Appeal Process provides detailed information of CANES employees with whom to lodge a complaint.  You are welcome to discuss your complaint about a staff person first with that person.