Heroes in the Home

Skevoulla is a Personal Support Worker from CANES Community Care and is providing a holistic support and care to our clients in our Assisted Living program like personal care, home care and emotional care. She’s been in the organization since January of 1992. Skevoulla ensures that the client comes first and consistently shows that “assigned tasks” should be completed with compassion, care and understanding of the client’s individual needs. She goes above and beyond in helping to connect with clients and handle their concerns with tenderness and warmth. She is a good motivator and always builds client’s self-esteem and self-confidence. She uses her gentle approach and encouragement to her clients, making them feel comfortable and well cared for. Skevoulla takes time to do little things for her clients and client’s family that have a very big impact on her their well-being. She is very professional and very knowledgeable and knows what to report to her Supervisor and when to seek assistance and guidance if needed. For every client that she cared for, she takes time to know and learn about client’s history and background, knowing that she can use this knowledge when client is showing behavior. She always goes above and beyond the call of duty, sometimes she will use her break time and spend it with her client, when she thinks that her client needs somebody to talk, and needs somebody’s support and presence. She would go to the grocery store on her way home or on her way to work to buy important things for the clients when needed, especially on those clients who lives alone and has no family to depend on.

Skevoulla, advocates for her clients. She always observes her client’s surroundings and informs her Supervisor regarding client’s unsafe living condition, not enough food on the fridge, not enough medication left especially during weekends and a lot more.


Skevoulla has a positive impact on the life of her clients by being very sensitive to their feelings and needs. She always takes time to listen with compassion and understanding. Skevoulla shared that she is very observant with regards to her clients, and she knows when the client is not feeling well and needs special attention. There was an incident where she saved a client who was about to commit suicide by drowning herself in the tub because of depression and hopelessness. She said that while she was doing her shift, she felt an instinct that she needs to drop by at the client’s apartment even if it is not yet her scheduled time. When she entered the apartment, the client was lying in the tub almost filled up with water while the tap was still running. She drained the tub right away, dried up the client and assisted the client to a  comfortable position, and called 911. While waiting for the Paramedics, she talked with her client, listen to her concerns, and make her feel important and well cared for. The client was very thankful for the care and love that Skevoulla showed, and realized the importance of life.

Skevoulla’s client’s considers her as their “Angel”. Skevoulla also shared that whenever it is her scheduled time to visit a client, most of her clients are waiting for her at their windows and are very grateful and happy when she arrives. She helps clients tremendously in overcoming moments of depression and loneliness by utilizing her listening and communication skills.

Skevoulla also takes care of her husband’s parents for 25 years.