Senior testing blood
by duncanj on Aug 01, 2018

It can be scary to get a diagnosis of diabetes, especially if you’re a senior and already have other health issues and concerns. Your health care provider may prescribe a combination of diet, exercise, and medications to help you manage this new diagnosis of diabetes. Your health care team will look at all of your health issues and help create a personalized plan just for you.

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  1. Talk to Your Pharmacist
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Written by Kimberly Johnston

June is Stroke Awareness month in Canada. There are 62,000 strokes in Canada each year – that is one stroke every nine minutes. 405,000 Canadians are living with the effects of stroke. We had the honour of chatting with a few stroke survivors about their experience, struggles and advice for everyone.

by duncanj on May 01, 2018

My best friend Jennifer lives in Nova Scotia, that’s about 1,791.4 km from her 90 year old grandfather who lives in Toronto. She adores her grandfather above any other human in the world and I can see why he’s a lovely man who lives by his motto “I only know nice people”. I live much closer to him than Jennifer, only about 1.2 km away, so I meet up with him from time-to-time for coffee and a chat.


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14 Exercises to Improve Balance and Strength

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Timing is Everything!

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Written by Kimberly Johnston

I always believed that strokes only affect the elderly.

My father had a stroke which led to his death. He was almost 70 years old, and though he wasn’t overweight, his diet consisted mainly of high fat and carbs and he had been a heavy smoker all of his life. While I was devastated, I wasn’t very surprised.

distressed Caregiver
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As a caregiver you probably feel like you know more about the person you're caring for than yourself. From health issues, medication schedule, dietary needs to the smallest changes in their mood, trying to have everything in hand and under control is a lot.

senior receiving gift
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Finding the perfect gift is often challenging and can be especially difficult when shopping for older parents or grandparents. Here are a few creative and inexpensive ideas:

1. Custom Photo Books

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The Canadian Lancaster Bombers and the Women who Built Them

A story of history, pride and discovering more about my 92 year old grandma


This spring, my grandma will be turning 93 years old.  Yep, 93.  It’s an age that we all hope to get to one day and stay as sharp as we were when we started our very first job.  That is one of the many good traits I would use to describe my grandma.  Sharp.  I often tell people how amazing it is that she is living on her own happily and independently in her golden years.