Assisted Living

Assisted Living provides an effective way to allow seniors to live in their homes while on-site supports and assistance are available at any time

Home Maintenance

Have your Safety Bars installed for FREE, with our Home Maintenance Service!

Treat at Home Mental Health Care

A service for older adults and seniors with health challenges like depression, anxiety, or other mental health concerns


Providing care and assistance in the home for seniors

Respite Care

Respite Care is designed to provide the care that a client may need when their current Caregiver is unavailable

Personal Care

Providing seniors with a Caregiver that works specifically with a client, with more personal forms of care

Caregiver Support & Counselling

Providing support for family members and/or others caring for a senior or an adult with a disability

Home at Last

A Free service that assists seniors to settle at home when discharged from William Osler and Headwaters Health Care Centres

Seniors Ride Connect

We're going places

Behaviour Supports

CANES provides a Psychogeriatric Resource Consultant (PRC) to primary care clinics and community support agencies who service older adults with cognitive impairment due to mental health, dementia, addictions or other neurological conditions.

Seniors' Luncheons and Congregate Dining

Our Seniors' Luncheons offer a nutritious meal for seniors in a social setting: Various locations are in place in Northern Etobicoke. They are a great way for clients to get out and about with their community and enjoy a well cooked nutritious meal.

Connect with a Senior

Providing Seniors with a little extra care time, when they may feel lonely or isolated

Newcomer Elderly Outreach

Support and introduce Newcomer Seniors to the community

The CANES Community Connector Newsletter

The New CANES Community Connector helps to cover topics in the community that relate to you, and what is happening within your service agency. It's Your Community...Connected.