Stay tuned, as we are currently still developing this New Program
To request this service call: 
CANES Community Care will soon provide clients with advance foot care therapy and chiropody care. 
This Service is NOT YET AVAILABLE, but will be soon.  So stay in touch for more information
We are in the process of developing the following services for this program 

Preventative Treatments and Recommendations 

•  Screening for current and potential foot, skin, and circulatory issues

•  Complete assessment 

•  Thorough assessment for preventive measures that will have a positive impact on seniors foot health 

•  Refer to appropriate foot specialist for intervention or foot issues that require more invasive care

Hygiene Care

•  Nail cutting, and cleaning

•  Clipping, and filing

•  Treating callouses and corns

•  Packing ingrown nails

•  Padding/strapping the foot to promote comfort

Consultation and Education

•  Foot Care Pre-consultation can be provided over the phone or by appointment at home

•  We provide education and information relating to foot care

Who can use this service: 

Any senior living in the Etobicoke, Brampton, Malton and Woodbridge areas.

How this service works: 

Information coming soon.

Please contact our Intake Coordinator at 416-743-3892 ext 224