Family Health Team

When it's your health, it's your family.
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Our Mission

Is to provide comprehensive patient and family-centered health care, to reduce wait time, enhance service coordination, to establish links to community services, and to improve access to specialized care closer to home.

Who can use this service: 

We aim to serve residents of Etobicoke, Malton and north-eastern Mississauga areas.  Clients of CANES and their family members are strongly encouraged to roster with the CANES Family Health Team.

The CANES Family Health Team is a community governed model that will include doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, social workers and a dietician.  They will work together in a multi-disciplinary team to prevent illness, promote wellness and provide access to 24 hour health care. We are currently serving over 3600 registered patients, and continuing to grow.

How this service works: 

By registering to the CANES Family Health Team, patients will become a part of a new model of medical practice which offers them comprehensive and continuous health care services by utilizing a multi-disciplinary team approach.  This team consists of the following members;

The Family Physician,

Provides counselling and support to patients and their families on a wide range of health and lifestyle issues, by advising patients and their families on health care including health promotion and disease, illness and accident prevention and by referring patients to specialists.

The Nurse Practitioner,

Provides a range of services with a focus on health promotion and the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of health conditions.  A Nurse Practitioner uses independent, evidence based practice, education research and critical analysis to manage illness, injuries and disease conditions.

The Registered Nurse,

The Registered Nurse provides patient teaching that focuses on health promotion and disease prevention/management. The Registered Nurse empowers individuals and families to attain their health goals and increase understanding and independence.

The Social Worker,

Offers supportive services such as counselling, advocacy and community linkages to individuals, couples and families who struggle with a variety of psycho-emotional  and social problems at different stages of their lives.

The Registered Dietitian,

Provides expertise in nutrition by working with individuals and their families to create strategies that improve their dietary habits to enhance personal control of health and enable clients to achieve their food and nutrition related goals.

How to request this service: 

CANES, the CANES Family Health and the CANES Community Pharmacy are all located at 135 Queens Plate Dr.



Dr. Wasira Bokore MD - Lead Physician

Dr. Rakesh Rikhye MD

Dr. Obnamia MD - *New Female Doctor

Dr. Rajneesh Sikri MD - *New Male Doctor

Dr. Cyril Lacko MD - *New Male Doctor

Sanja Petrovic RD, MSc, BASc - Registered Dietitian, ext 253

Bhavna Verma, B.A., MSc., C.C.C. - Canadian Certified Counsellor, ext. 262

Crystal Ward, BsCN, RN - Registered Nurse, ext. 282